This software company was looking to invest more in advertising, expanding its campaigns to multiple countries using various languages. 


This startup wanted to invest more in advertising in a multi-country and multi-language campaign, simultaneously increasing their leads while reducing cost per lead.  Additionally, they needed to track sales, not simply leads generated, which was challenging due to their lengthy sales cycle. 


ClikTree developed a keyword strategy to target niche audiences and tailored the campaign strategy for each geography and language.  We also developed conversion tracking for their entire sales process by integrating AdWords with the client's CRM platform.


The company increased marketing spend by 500% while simultaneously decreasing cost-per-lead (CPA) by 30%. Additionally, the integrated tracking ClikTree put in place allowed the client to quantify the value of Adwords marketing in terms of sales generated for the first time. 


4.7% CTR

- 30% CPA

12.5% CONV


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