National Repair Franchise

This national franchise is ranked number one in their industry in the Franchise 500.  It has grown to over 300 franchise locations throughout the U.S.


Franchisees self-managed their digital advertising with inconsistent results. To improve performance across the franchise, the franchisor wanted to offer optional, high-quality PPC service to all franchisees at an affordable price.


ClikTree developed a prototype campaign for 10 locations, which informed the build of standard campaign templates.  Further testing and refinement of standard campaign strategies led to optimization of performance across all participating locations.


We have seen consistent 20%+ conversion rates for last 2+ years (franchise-wide average).  Optional participation in the program reached 60% of franchisees.  Due to clear performance advantage for locations using PPC,  franchisor recently made participation in the PPC program mandatory. 

2.78% CTR

-300% CONV

20% CONV

From The Client

"Results have been very good. I look at the results and improvement of the results. Sometimes, you find that someone got lucky, but the question is whether that is sustainable or not.  What we discovered working with ClikTree is that we achieved good results right off the bat, but also we continue to improve upon them, or we sustain the levels that we're happy with or confident in."


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